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What can I check if I’m having problems with my call queue?

What can I check if I’m having problems with my call queue?

The first thing to check with Call Queues, in any case, is to ensure that the route itself is set correctly - we have an FAQ on creating a Call Queue!

There are a few steps to take when there's an issue with your users ringing in a Call Queue - each step is detailed below: 


1. Check the User is in the Hunt Group - Despite being very basic, sometimes new users are missed out from being added into Call Queue Groups - You can simply check which Hunt Group you have assigned in the Call Queue Groups section, and make sure the user is selected in here.


2. The User is in my Hunt Group but still not working? - With all Queue Groups, you have the option of using a shortcode to toggle availability - this will have been created by a member on your account, but will be shown under Config > Shortcodes in the Gulstarvoip account. When you use this shortcode on your device, it will play an audio prompt letting you know if you've set yourself to 'Available' or 'Unavailable'. 


3. Make sure the user is registered - In your Gulstarvoip dashboard, in the users page you're able to see whether a User is Registered on a device or not. If not, try rebooting the device to see if it reconnects.


4. Check to make sure you're using the correct Ring Order - each Ring Order makes the inbound call ring in a different way, we have an FAQ regarding the different Ring Orders.



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